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Development Status: Active, Open Beta


Squareville features a world to explore and as focus will be more on gameplay rather than graphics, objects in the game will consistently be made up of primitive shapes (cubes, spheres, cylinders). As the game advances, more stuff like cars, weapons, crafting and more customization will be added. As far as customization goes, this includes for example coloring objects in the game, designing faces for the character and adding paints/skins to the vehicles or weapons.

Technical Information / Download

Version Name: 0.17.0
Version Code: 17

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Changelog (Click here for full version)

  [Build 17]

  * Introduction of boosters (health + shield) in the Survival Mode
  * Addition of a Minimap and gameplay improvements in the Testing Mode

  [Build 16]

  * Added a customizable Plane to the testing mode

  [Build 15]

  * Introduction of the shop in the Survival mode
  * Addition of coins, guns and weapon upgrades in the shop
  * Gameplay improvements in the Sandbox mode

  [Build 14]

  * Introduction of the Sandbox mode
  * Minor improvements to the Survival mode

  [Build 13]

  * Introduction of the Survival mode
  * Addition of the Shooting Assist bot command
  * Replaced all the soundtracks by SKYL1N3 ones

  [Build 12]

  * Introduction of the Bot Commands Menu
  * Major UI redesign
  * Many new features and improvements in the Shooting Mode

  [Build 11]

  * Shooting Mode improvements
  * Huge performance boost for City Generator tool
  * Random colorization support in Customize Menus

  [Build 10]
  * Bug fixes related to the helicopter

  [Build 9]

  * Generator tool can now make 'random' cities
  * Important bug fix with the helicopter

  [Build 8]

  * Bug fixes and improvements
  * Faster Building Generator tool & 20 floors max

  [Build 7]

  * Addition of a customizable helicopter
  * Addition of a better shooting mode
  * Noticeable performance boost

  [Build 6]

  * Addition of an interface to generate 'random' buildings

  [Build 5]

  * Addition of 6 weapons (Total: 8) [AbC]
  * New weapon switching system
  * Addition of weapon sound effects
  * Improvements when exiting car
  * Performance Increase

  [Build 4]

  * Complete redesign of in-game UI/UX
  * Addition of gauges (speed, rpm, nitro)
  * Addition of car sound effects
  * Addition of soundtracks and a music player
  * Improvements when exiting car

  [Build 3]

  * Addition of 2 weapons (Total: 2) [AbC]
  * Introduction of Single/Auto shooting modes
  * Introduction of universal AMMO system
  * Introduction of spawnable enemies (temporary)
  * Improved car controls/handling
  * Addition of Nitro [Car]
  * Addition of Drift/Handbrake [Car]
  * Improvements in humanoid bones [Character]

  [Build 2]

  * Addition of a hoverboard [AbC]
  * Addition of Initial customization for Rims
  * Addition of a customizable main menu
  * Addition of dummy features (opening a door, bot)

  [Build 1]

  * Presence of Third Person Character
  * Presence of Animations (idle, walk, run)
  * Presence of Mouse Orbit Camera and ability to pan/zoom
  * Presence of Touch Controls
  * Customization currently includes painting body of the car, the character and making 8x8 faces for the latter